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We work closely with doctors and patients to achieve their desired results - A Perfect Smile.

All in One Implant Solution

Take the guess work out of ordering all the right implant parts, maintaining expensive inventory, taking correct type of impression and dealing with multiple vendors. Having successfully delivered over 40,000 implant restorations over 12 years, we understand how important is for you to have quality dental restorations and quality laboratory advise.


Our products and services, from basic dental prosthetics to very complex custom made implant supported structures, are made for dentists to conduct minimal required procedures with maximum results and satisfaction of their patients. We are bound together by commitment, excellence and innovation. We continue to lead by offering exclusive products and integrating the latest technology advancements for the fabrication of today's restorative demands.

While dependence on advanced technology is the key in many industries including dental, dentistry must continue to rely on highly skilled technicians who are artists capable of producing master dental products, and high end computerized systems and technologies. FIVESTAR Laboratory is perfect bland of old master artistry and high end ultra modern computerized systems that are managed by our master technicians who have over 20 years of experience in the field and world-class skills.

Exceptional Service

FIVESTAR's industry-leading, full-service catalog and timely service gives dentists more options for meeting the diverse needs of their patients.

Respect for the Individual

The backbone of our company is to treat all people equally with dignity, fairness, courtesy, compassion, and trust. We are dedicated to acknowledging each individuals value and to communicate in an open, honest, and courteous manner.

Pursuit of Excellence

Individually and collectively, we will set the highest of standards to achieve exceptional results. We will work as a team with a sense of urgency to create and provide superior products and service. Through commitment, personal pride, and embracing the change necessary to sustain growth, we will constantly challenge ourselves to expand beyond our boundaries.

Predictable Quality

As one of a few Certified Dental Laboratories, FIVESTAR's model for function is a collaborative yet systematized approach, ensuring that restorations seat fast and take up less chair time in your office.

World Class Customer Service

We are dedicated to the best interests of our customers. By listening to the needs of our doctors and their staff, being knowledgeable and available to advise and serve, we make you our priority. As we move forward, our focus on world-class service will distinguish us from the competition.

Enhancement of Efficiency

We will continuously examine the performance of our systems, procedures and technology to ensure we are maximizing productivity and focusing on value added activities. Everyone plays a part in ensuring an efficient use of the time and resources necessary to sustain growth as an organization.

Partnership & Trust

Partnership & Trust

By using FDA compliant materials, we offer peace of mind to dentists and patients alike. We are proud to have established and enforced a quality system to ensure that the restorations we manufacture exceed the expectations of our clients.

Commitment to Personal Integrity

Loyalty, truthfulness and ethics are the qualities that direct us to behave in a fair and impartial manner. It is our goal to embrace, encourage and strengthen these sound values, personally and professionally. We strive to identify the right action in all situations.



How we process each case :

  • We work with our Doctors from beginning to the end of every case, minimizing any instances of remakes and greatly reducing your chair times

  • We customize each case to the Doctor’s specific instructions ensuring every construction meets the Doctor’s specific vision and is ideal for the patient’s health.

  • We provide: treatment plan consultations, diagnostic models, diagnostic functional aesthetic waxups, preparation models/preparation guides, and implant design and cost consultations.

  • All work is quality controlled by our head technician at every step of the process, thus work results are absolutely consistent, every time.


1210 N Jefferson St. Ste D

Anaheim CA, 92807



8:00 am - 5:00 pm
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday CLOSED
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