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With versatility, reliability and longevity in mind… e.max is unmatched in clinical success. With biocompatible lithium disilicate ingots, e.max offers optimized esthetic properties, creating restorations that offer true-to-natural results.

bruxer crowns.png

Our new full-contour Bruxer restorations still offer CAD/CAM precision and high strength, but are now more translucent and natural looking than traditional Zirconia.

Layered Zirconia Crown

Layered Zirconia Crown restorations offer the structural strength of Zirconia and the esthetics of e.max. A ceramic overlay provides enhanced light transmission properties and excellent blending capabilities for a natural look.

anteior bruxer_1.png
Anterior Bruxer

An exceedingly refined restoration that now combines CAD/CAM precision; high-strength and translucency; proprietary MicroDental Smile Library; and the artistic touch of our master ceramists.

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