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Hard Night Guard

Designed to protect the dentition, the Hard Night Guard can be worn during the day or at night to provide occlusal comfort. Fabricated for precise fit, and providing maximum rigidity and strength. Not recommended for patients with cosmetic restorations.

Hard Night+Guard.jpg
Hard / Soft Night Guard

This Night Guard has a soft liner overlay reproduction of the current dental arch form, with an added layer of hard acrylic to provide a flat occlusal plane. It has an even thickness, is contoured to replicate the arch form, and has a flat plane added.

Soft Night Guard

This all-flexible EVA material is used in cases with sensitive or missing teeth, or an unusual draw. It is also used for athletic Mouthguards. The standard, even thickness is 3mm, and thickness can be added by request. It is soft/flexible in the mouth and contoured.

wax up_1.jpg
Diagnostic Wax Up

Diagnostic Wax-Ups are a valuable tool for any smile makeover because it gives the patient an accurate preview of how his or her finished case will look. With this technique, the lab removes the desired amount of tooth structure from the preoperative model and the restoration is waxed on to the patient’s actual prepped teeth. This method accurately shows the patient, dentist and lab technician what is realistically attainable for the patient.

Esthetic Temporary Crown

A temporary crown is placed over a dental implant to replace a missing tooth while the dental implant is healing. A temporary crown can stay in place for up to six months, and in some instances even longer.

Temporary crowns are placed over the dental implant to provide optimum aesthetics with the final/permanent restoration.

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